Thursday, March 10, 2011

Props and Credits Ideas

Tomorrow I pick up two Rubik's Cubes from my friend today to use for Saturday's shoot. I'll probably use the four by four cube at the beginning shot of the movie where Cassandra finishes solving a Rubik's Cube, just to show that it's more complex than the original three by three cube. I am considering having the three by three cube sitting on the table to imply that she has solved the easier of the cubes already and is now finishing the harder of the two.

I also plan to use the cubes to either introduce the movie or to roll behind the closing credits. I will have a puzzle book and several crossword puzzles that will have credits written in them if I can get the wording, spacing, and writing correct. I might find a site and create my own crosswords to ensure a perfect fit. I was thinking I'd use different colored pens to indicate different things, like have a red pen used for the name of the person and a black pen as the job they had.

I have yet to figure out how I'm going to make the Rubik's Cube show the names of people if I switch it up between the Rubik's Cubes and the crossword puzzles. I think I could have the Rubik's Cubes introduce the movie and the crosswords end it. The colors of the Rubik's Cubes against the background I had in mind would be very alluring to the audience (or so I hope).

I came up with an idea of how I want the cubes shot (stacked on top of one another, independent from one another, different angles, etc.) but I can't figure out if I want to put the credits directly over the squares that make up each cube or if I want to just have the cube look really nice against a stark white background and lay the credits over the white. I have a light box at my parents' house I built with my dad and I could use that to shoot the Rubik's Cubes.

I considered shots of the library as a way to introduce the movie but I think those might be too boring or redundant when I consider the fact that I'll be shooting most of the movie in the library anyway.

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