Thursday, March 17, 2011

Some Things to Consider

I was hoping I wouldn't need to shoot much for my second day of shooting, but I'm thinking I might do the three shots I need of outside and then do a photoshoot and stage the shots, which means I'll need the uniforms back from the library that I borrowed. I also need to reshoot some of the book footage I originally shot because I'm not happy with it, and I might have to reshoot a few book scenes with Cassandra with better lighting.

I need to shoot my interview because the one I did on the spot while shooting Saturday was terrible and I don't like anything that I said. I should probably interview the cast as well, but I am terrible at asking questions so I'll probably stick to the very basics, such as, "What was your favorite scene to shoot?" and "How did you enjoy acting in this role?"

Julia was really good at interviewing us, and she asked a lot of good questions so maybe I'll ask her to help me come up with a list of interview questions.

I still need to find music for the movie's introduction and conclusion, and I'm running out of time. It seems that all the people I've talked to about making music are either busy or uninterested, which is quite surprising since most people would jump at the opportunity to have their music featured in a movie.

And also, I need to take photos for the background of my DVD menu, the cover of the DVD and DVD case, and some photos for the bio pages and if I decide to make them, other sub-menu pages. My professor showed us how to make DVD menus and whatnot so hopefully I can make something really cool. Obviously my movie has to do with puzzles, love, and books, so I need to come up with something coherent and entertaining that will get the message across. I was already thinking of doing the Rubik's Cube footage as a background for the main menu, unless I get the shot I really want of Cassandra and Simon overlooking a bridge with a Rubik's Cube in Cassandra's hands and a book in Simon's.

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