Friday, February 25, 2011

Storyboarding: Take 2

I finally heard back from my artist friend today and we met up to discuss the storyboard. It turns out her storyboarding class is a lot more thorough than I am and she didn't need any help from me at all with terminology or templates. She got straight to work on designing the template herself, no word from me to include a directional box below each frame.

I went over what happened in the script, told her what I envisioned, and with the skills I only wish I had, she sketched Rubik's cubes, people, desks, bookshelves, and so much more with the ease of a trained artist.

We made it about a third of the way through the script before I only had to read her the scene from the script and she knew me well enough to draw the shots I envisioned without me saying a word as to what I wanted drawn. At two-thirds of the way through the script, I had to leave and I gave her the script to keep to finish up on her own.

We'll meet up Monday after class to go over her rough draft of the storyboard and make any adjustments that need to be made for the Wednesday deadline. She's an amazing artist and I'll hopefully remember to upload all the storyboard pages to a picture account (Flickr, PhotoBucket, etc.) and link them in a separate post.

She said she would do this for free, which I'm very grateful for as I'm a poor college student with no budget for this movie. Though she has a slight obsession with Mountain Dew (being the gamer that she is), so I think I can afford to indulge her there.

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