Thursday, February 17, 2011

Storyboarding: A Tale of No Artists

As in, I officially have no artists to draw my storyboard for me. I asked my friend who is an art major to storyboard since she's taking an advertising class in which storyboarding is something they're learning at the moment. However, she's a busy person and I'd have to sit down with her and go over what I want drawn, give her a list of specific examples of shots and camera angles, and possibly provide a link to a more extensive list of film terminology.

And this is all assuming I make no further changes to my script, which has yet to be graded and has only received feedback from one person.

My friend is difficult to find, even though she lives on campus, so I'm hoping to snag her on a weekend and entice her with a homecooked meal in exchange for her services. Not to mention the fact that she can keep a copy of the storyboard as a part of her list of experiences (and get her name in the credits list, which I think is way cooler).

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